5 Home Improvement Projects You Shouldn't DIY


We are in the age of DIY. Because of social media websites such as image and video content search engine, it's easier than ever to find whatever instructions on how to do anything from nail art to re-tiling a floor and even building a house. However, there are some projects that should really be undertaken by a professional-workers or contractors such as home renovation projects. There's nothing wrong with redecorating a room with a fresh coat of paint or a new carpet. However, some projects (when DIY-ed) can lead to costing you more than if you hire a contractors. Here are some home improvement projects that are better left to the professionals.

1. Major plumbing work

Fixing a leaky faucet is no problem, but any troubles bigger than that should fixed by a professional. when you consider to fix your plumbing on your own could make the problem turn to worse, or create other ones. This also means you shouldn't DIY any renovations in rooms that have a lot of plumbing in them, like a bathroom or kitchen.

2. Any electrical work

Messing up electrical repairs can cause big problems for you and your home not to mention the risk of fire hazard. Replacing a light fixture is one thing, but replacing the main circuit board is a whole other level. Even professional electrician will approach electrical work with caution since there are a lot of risk involved, so it's best to leave it to them.

3. Structural changes

While it seems easy enough to knock down a wall, it is not easy to tell how important that wall is. It may be a load-bearing, or it could have important electrical wiring inside. A contractor will be able to determine which walls are safe to remove or even lowering the risk of damaging your entire unit, and will be able to remove them without damaging other parts of your home.

4. Window replacements

Windows increase curb appeal and they make the inside of your home look better by letting in natural light. It can also increase the energy efficiency of your home or decrease them if they are not installed properly. Windows that havent got a proper sealing will make your house heating and cooling work much harder than they need to.

5. Roof repairs and replacement

Your roof is arguably one of the most important parts of your house. It provides protection and enhances the look of your home. However, if the repair or replacement is done wrong, you're either right where you were before or you're worse off. Most homeowners don't have the roofing equipment that professionals do. This means their attempt at repairs is not going to be as high quality as a professional's. It's also dangerous to climb up on your roof without the correct safety equipment.

Although it can be very tempting to try to save money by undertaking home improvement projects by yourself, yet the cost of fixing a failed repair job is often times more expensive than the original repairs would have been. Not only that, it can be extremely dangerous. When your home needs a repair, learning more about the process is always advisable, but nothing can replace the years of experience a professional will have.